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05 Feb Rotorua UAS Flight Plans V1.2 

Rotorua airspace advisories

Aerodrome OperatorPhoneMobileEmailLast Contact PersonWebAgreement
Rotorua Lakefront (Volcanic Air )07 348 9984[email protected]Steven
Rotorua Hospital Helipad027 6535697Dave GowerApproved
Rotorua Aerodrome and Airport (ATC)07 345 88076421798621Anton CroninApproved

Permissions and Communications

Volcanic air is ok with amended flight map with their NFZ inplace. Monitor NZRO TWR radio 121.2 and call ATC and Steven before taking off.

Up to 400ft AGL 121m (Approved)

Up to 400ft AGL approved.


TWR 121.2 ATIS 128.8