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INDx Media designs and produces captivating digital media content for businesses to educate, entertain and attract.  From short social media video series designed for mobile to large displays for your next product launch or website, we've got you covered.

We know our crafts and understand what hits the mark, INDx Media specialises in agile productions with the latest technologies and a team of multi-talented professionals, turning creative visions to screen.

Welcome to the business of attraction.


In the fast-paced, mobile-first media industry, where diverse visual engagements are in high demand, we provide efficient media production and seamless integration with your technology platforms. Our approach caters to the need for high-quality, multi-purpose content, ensuring rapid prototyping and solid execution. From videos and photos to animations, each piece is engineered to perform in the digital landscape.

Short Form Videos
Video Production
Drone Operations
VR Productions
Visual FX
Social Media Strategy
Creative Development

Narrative Video Production

Rolling Action! In an age where cameras are at everyone's fingertips, the true essence of narrative visual storytelling lies in the mastery of camera, light, and sound. It takes a considerable amount of creative work and expertise to produce a good looking media product. From live action and narrative storytelling to captivating interviews, video production is at the heart of our media offerings.

Short Form Vertical Videos

In today's mobile-first world, where about 75% of video content is consumed on vertical screens, short-form vertical videos reign supreme. At INDx Media, we specialise in this dynamic field, seamlessly blending grassroots mobile style with professional expertise in visual effects to craft visually captivating content that hooks your audience from the get-go. 

Creating authentic and reliable video content is the latest trend. Consistent production and ongoing creativity are essential for showcasing your brand effectively on social media. Reach out to us today to learn how we can breathe life into your brand's story.

Animations & Motion graphics

Advanced animation capabilities are among INDx Media’s key strengths. Our team is capable of creating a wide spectrum of animations, adding significant value to your video projects. Ideal for showcasing products or illustrating abstract concepts that are otherwise difficult to explain, we skillfully blend digital elements with live footage to deliver a sophisticated aesthetic for your next endeavor.

Drone Operations

CAA Certified

Our qualified operators are CAA-certified, ensuring proficient drone operations across New Zealand, backed by extensive flying experience. We conduct regular training sessions to ensure our pilots are up to speed with their skills.


INDx Media is equipped with the latest drone technology, carefully selecting the most suitable tools for each job. We prioritise both performance and safety, ensuring that our operations do not compromise safety around us. 

Our mission is to safely capture stunning aerial footage through meticulous planning, effective communication, and advanced technology.

Compliance & Airspace Permissions

We have established a thorough compliance process that enables us to navigate and secure the necessary permissions for drone operations in New Zealand’s restricted airspaces.

Our team is adept at handling the intricacies of airspace regulations and acquiring permissions. Ensuring smooth and lawful execution of drone operations for commercial projects.


Virtual Reality (VR) production stands as a niche domain, offering unparalleled immersion through 360-degree capture, especially when experienced through quality VR headsets. Our focus lies in crafting content aimed at training, enabling users to confront and navigate through simulated high-risk scenarios or environments, providing a deeply engaging and educative experience.