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Waikato Business Awards 2024

At INDx Media, our hearts are full of pride and appreciation as we share the tales of ambition, innovation, and triumph that define the Waikato Business Awards 2023. It has been an extraordinary journey capturing the essence of excellence that each of the 23 finalists embodies.

Your business journeys have inspired us deeply. As we cover through a wide range of industries, from manufacturing to the cutting-edge tech firms, from education classrooms to the fields, we were privileged to witness first-hand the dedication and passion that fuels the heart of Waikato's economy.

To the finalists, we extend our heartfelt congratulations. Your stories are not just narratives of business acumen but are testaments to the relentless pursuit of greatness. You have set the benchmarks, and shown us what it means to excellent!

We hope you've enjoyed the journey of video creation for your business as much as we have. Thank you for shown us around and take the time to help us capture your stories for the wider business community.

Warmest congratulations,
The INDx Media Team

Finalist Videos

Please contact us to view WBA 2023 videos.

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