Hello 2021 WBA finalists:)


Choose between filming or editing option.

Editing Option:

If you wish to use your existing video or footage, please supply the file, we will re-edit and re-voice to the 30sec format, based on your script. This might be a better option for you if you already have many good videos made. We can also edit any digital materials, such as still photos to make a video. Advanced or complex animation is not included in this package, however.

Editing can be done with 100% supplied materials, it is a contactless approach. I highly recommend you at least prepare for this option as COVID alert level may change. Editing is a “safer” option.

You need to submit a 60-80 words script. Use the script submission form below, please. If you just wish to re-use last year’s video please tick that box on the form.

Filming option: (New booking dates updated)

You can use the form at the bottom of this page to book a filming date. Please book early in advance to avoid conflicting dates later on. You do not need to have your script ready for booking.
Please allow 90min-2 hours for a filming block. Our team will contact you to confirm the timing. Be prepared, having your ideas ready for filming is key to a successful and smooth session.

We can mix your own video footage or images with new footage that we film.

I highly recommend you at least prepare for the editing only option as COVID alert level may change.

Please watch the finalist videos from WBA 2020. We have a mixture of filming and editing examples, all based on supplied scripts.

Please make sure you submit your 60-80 words script about your business before 26th Nov. Call us if you need help with the script and ideas. We are happy to guide you through the process and work something out for you.

We are here to help you

Any questions? Please ask us. Your submission and booking will go to both of us.



Camera Op / Editor

Mihir is the camera operator and editor for WBA 2021 videos. Mihir will contact you to confirm your video booking. You will be seeing Mihir on location with camera equipment.



Borden is the producer of WBA videos who will be managing the whole project. Borden is the initial contact to setup your job. If you need to discuss editing options, you can contact Borden.

Script submission & Instructions

If you need help on your script. Please contact us. Please send editing instructions if you have a document for us to follow. If you want to re-use last year’s video, please submit this form.

WBA 2021 Film Booking Form

We will email or call you to confirm booking. COVID conditions apply. For out of town locations, we may be only able to cater one booking per day.
Make your booking first, please contact us if you wish to start at other times.

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