WBA 2022
All finalist videos will be around 30sec, based on a 60-80 words script you supply for us to record a professional voiceover. We will produce the video for you and organise the voiceover recording from our end. If you choose to be filmed by us, the available filming period is between 28th September - 20th October 2022. We strongly recommend you book your filming session as soon as possible.
The Waikato Chamber of Commerce funds all videos for finalists as an added benefit, there is no cost to you as a finalist. You will receive a copy of the final video after the award evening for your own marketing use.

Finalist Videos

You can checkout the previous finalist video example here.
WBA 2022 Finalist Videos
WBA 2021 Finalist Videos

Finalist Video Options

Option 1 Filming/Edit

Book a filming session on location and we will edit out a new video for the business awards.
Book a film session

Option 2 Editing Only

We can edit any marketing material from you and produce a video in the awards format.
Submit media assets

Option 3 Use Archive

Use the same video from the previous year if you have entered Waikato Business Awards before.
use archive

Script Submission Deadline: Thursday, 13th October

We need you to submit a script for voice over recording. Both filming or editing option.
Submit your 30sec video script here
You can send us a storyabord or edit instrcutions as a guideline.
Select Storyboard/Instruction Submission from finalist video option.
Storyboard Submission

CEO of the year & Emerging leader of the year award

Note: There is no filming for the CEO of the year and Emerging leader of the year award. We will have judges' message videos produced at our end for those two categories. You do not need to do anything if you are a finalist in those two categories.

Step 1. Video Option

WBA 2022 Video Booking Form (#9)

WBA 2022 Finalist Video Form

Considering it done. You do not need to supply anything else. We will confirm the version with you before the final check.

Please include your update requirements in the notes section. If you wish to update the voice over, you will need to submit a new script here.

Please use [email protected] for share folder access permission if required.

  • We allow a maximum of two film sessions per day 
  • The morning session starts at 9.30 am, 
  • The afternoon session begins at 1.30 pm.
  • The filming session usually takes about 2 hours. 
  • Please block at least 2 hours.
  • Remember to submit your script best before your booked filming session.

Available filming period: 28th September - 20th October

Please pick at least one alternative date if possible for us to quickly move conflicting jobs around. Our team will contact you to confirm your final filming date/time.

Please give access to [email protected] if your folder requires permission.

Please remember to submit your script to us by 13h Oct if you choose filming or editing option.

Step 2. Script Submission

You will need to submit a 60-80 words script to us for the 30sec video voiceover recording unless you wish to run the same WBA video from the previous year.

Please supply your script no later than Thursday, 13th October. The earlier, the better. We must have all scripts ready for voiceover recording. You can email it to me at [email protected]. We highly recommend that you supply your script to us BEFORE your filming session. That will enable us to design the footage we need to capture and be more creative and relevant.
WBA 2022 Script Submission Form (#10)

WBA 2022 Script Submission Form

Please use [email protected] for share folder access permission if required.