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Media & Data Storage Service

Our Media Storage Service is designed to offer you peace of mind, ensuring that your media files are securely stored and readily accessible for future editing needs. 

Future Proof Media Assets

This service is ideal for clients who value the future accessibility and security of their media assets, ensuring that your files are always ready when you need them, without the burden of managing storage solutions on your own.

Secure Storage

For an annual fee, we offer a media data storage service, ensuring your media files are securely stored and backed up.

Master Output Fee Included

The annual fee includes one master output fee, covering the cost of producing a final, polished version of your chosen project.

Multiple Backups

We maintain multiple backups of all footage captured for you, safeguarding against data loss and ensuring the longevity of your media files.

Easy Access

Final files are readily accessible upon request, allowing for hassle-free retrieval and the commissioning of new edits based on the original footage.


Given our experience, clients often struggle to maintain thorough records of their files. By managing storage on our end, we provide an efficient solution that saves you time and effort.


Considering the costs and complexities associated with managing hard drives and cloud backups, our service is designed to offer convenience, security, and ease of access to our clients.

Post-Completion File Options

At INDx Media, we understand the importance of secure and accessible media storage for our clients. Our optional media and data storage and management service ensures that your project files are managed with care and easy access in mind after project completion.

After your project wraps up, you'll receive master file outputs as standard. INDx Media retains all project-related files for 7 days post-completion, with master file deliverables hosted online for up to 14 days for our clients to download.

Option 1. Media and Data Storage Services

Order secure and accessible storage solutions for on-demand access to your files beyond the standard retention period. We will retain all your project related files for future editing needs.

Option 2. Purchase of Source Files

You can have the option to purchase source files post-project, with transparent terms and costs. For projects specifically commissioned as raw captures, or if requested in your project brief, source files can be included in your final deliverables.

Option 3. File Deletion Option

Option to accept project file deletion post-master file delivery for projects not requiring long-term storage.

Data Storage Pricing

The minimum term for data storage service is 12 months paid annually in advance. Monthly pricing is provided for individual months as pro-rata calculations only.
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