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INDx Media specialises in drone filming, with a particular emphasis on capturing cinematic aerial footage for film projects and commercial productions. We are CAA qualified, ensuring compliance and the capability to operate within most restricted areas across New Zealand.

Professional Drone Filming

As a filming specialist, we're all about the magic of cinematic video production. You won't find us scanning power lines, no, we're in the business of capturing the thrill of moving objects, create dynamic scenes, and designing epic transitions that tell a story.  We may also build 3D assets from air for VFX or digital interactives. It's our passion to do storytelling.

CAA Certified

Our qualified operators are CAA-certified, ensuring proficient drone operations across New Zealand, backed by extensive flying experience. We conduct regular training sessions to ensure our pilots are up to speed with their skills.


INDx Media is equipped with the latest drone technology, carefully selecting the most suitable tools for each filming job. We prioritise both performance and safety, ensuring that our operations do not compromise safety around us. 

Compliance & Legal

We've streamlined the process to meet compliance and secure permissions for drone flights in New Zealand's restricted airspaces, ensuring legal and efficient operations for our commercial projects.
Our drone operator will take care of all the necessary paperworks you need for your next filming project.

Mastering Cinematic Aerials

Cinematic filming is an art that demands a unique skill set, our team speaks the visual language fluently, making communication with directors and cinematographers seamless. Our drone operations are designed to complement ground-based filming, understanding our role in the larger production landscape. Whether it's crafting a smooth transition, capturing a high-speed chase, or unveiling a dramatic scene, our expertise lies in cinematic storytelling, ensuring every aerial shot enhances the narrative's impact.
Our expert drone crew is just a consultation away. 
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