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Brand Consistency for Short Form Videos

Last updated: 6th May 2024

Brand Consistency for Short Form Videos

The challenges of maintaining branding consistency when deploying a decentralised content creation strategy, where multiple creators or influencers produce videos independently. This is particularly relevant in the digital age where user-generated content and influencer collaborations are prevalent. Here’s a deeper look into the complexities and nuances of branding in such scenarios:

  1. Challenges of Decentralised Content Creation:
    • Diverse Creative Approaches: When multiple creators are involved, each may bring their own style and interpretation to the content, which can lead to a diverse range of outputs. This diversity, while enriching in terms of variety, can dilute brand consistency if not managed carefully.
    • Control vs. Authenticity: There is a trade-off between maintaining tight control over the content to ensure brand consistency and allowing creators enough freedom to produce authentic and engaging content that resonates with their followers.
  2. Relevance of Brand Consistency in Mobile Content:
    • Changing Consumer Expectations: In the mobile-first, short-form content environment, consumers often value authenticity and relatability over polished branding. This shift means that rigid brand guidelines might be less crucial than they once were, particularly for campaigns aiming to appear organic and grassroots. The influencer's video often appear to be less "ads" like and therefore people are more willing to tolerate it without dropping out upon encountering polished ads online.
    • Brand Recognition vs. Brand Consistency: There's a distinction to be made between consistency (keeping the same look and feel) and recognition (ensuring the brand is identifiable). It might be more practical to focus on ensuring that key brand elements are recognizable (like logos, taglines, or color schemes) rather than trying to maintain strict consistency across all content.
  3. Strategies for Balancing Branding in Decentralised Models:
    • Clear Guidelines with Flexibility: Provide content creators with clear brand guidelines that outline non-negotiable elements (such as logos, key messages, or calls to action) while allowing flexibility in how they interpret and convey the rest of the content. This approach can help maintain a balance between consistency and authenticity.
    • Curated Partnerships: Carefully select creators whose existing style and audience align closely with the brand’s identity. This natural alignment can reduce the risk of brand message dilution.
    • Regular Audits and Feedback: Implement a system for reviewing and providing feedback on content before it goes live to ensure it aligns with brand goals. This can help catch any deviations from the brand message early on.
  4. Adapting Brand Strategy:
    • Evolving Brand Guidelines: Consider evolving your brand guidelines to be more in tune with the dynamics of modern content consumption. This might mean simplifying or focusing on a few core elements that need consistency, while allowing other aspects to vary to suit different platforms and creators.
    • Brand Adaptability: Develop a brand strategy that embraces adaptability, recognising that different platforms and content formats may require different approaches. This strategy can make the brand feel more integrated into the digital culture rather than imposing on it.

In conclusion, while branding consistency remains important, its implementation must adapt to the realities of modern marketing landscapes where user-generated content and influencer collaborations play a significant role. Balancing consistency with authenticity and flexibility can help maintain brand integrity without stifling creativity and engagement.

Last updated: 6th May 2024

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