Community Contribution Award (Winner)

100% grown in the Waikato, Tea from The Zealong Tea Estate is certified organic, and carries out business in a way that works with nature, doing no harm to the environment. On a daily basis, visitors can partake in quality tours and dining experiences at the Tea House. Adding to this is a brand new venue – The Vista function and events centre with a new retail shop. Zealong offers local community involvement by working with students and new graduates. Their employment opportunities have created jobs for people locally, and around the world.

Global Operator Award (Finalist)

In the three decades since their founding, Zealong Tea has grown from 130 plants to over 1.2 million. As New Zealand’s first successful tea plantation, their tea has won awards from all over the world. Zealong exports to multiple markets internationally and receives many repeating orders from domestic and international online customers. They take the fundamental elements of New Zealand’s rich soils, clean waters, pure air, and combine it with century-old processing methods to create a truly unique Tea experience.

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