Commercial Range

30/15sec stories for online, TV and cinemas campaigns

Web Video Range

Must have for websites and social media, people like short and sweet.

CZONE Digital Switching

Online Promotional video 1 minute.

CZone digital switching simplifies installation of electrical systems through the replacement of complicated and often cumbersome traditional wiring.


Music videos and fun projects

Media Production

Design + Filming + Animation

Visually amplify your message. Design and produce relevant, engaging visual communication such as video and graphics. Create positive influence and evoke behaviour change.


Search + Social + TV + Cinema

Well-matched media mix and advertising channels can significantly boost your marketing efforts. Result in leads and responses that can be measured.

About INDx Media

We love stories, people and technologies.

INDx Media and Indiefilm Logo

INDx Media is a full service digital media company that loves a good story. We visually amplify your message, via video, technology and emotional experience design. Empower you to influence people and change behaviours.

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Brands we have worked with

Creative | Film | Post-Production

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